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Covered with capitonné workmanship, the upholstery of Belle Epoque is made by the skilled hands of master artisans, enhanced by the typical buttons tufted in a diamond-shaped quilt that covers the entire sofa, with the exception of the seat cushions which are embellished by a piping trim that further highlights its shapes. Designed by Ar. Saverio Calia. This Sofa has a timeless charm and can fit perfectly into both classic and modern settings. Available in a range of seating options and a vast choice of colours.

Calia Italia started in 1965, producing a single kind of product conceived to make people feel good: upholstered furniture. Since then, they have been manufacturing sofas with an accessible, democratic design with care and attention to detail to reach any place in the world. A treasure of expertise and talents, each of them specialized in a specific task, from sketching to a selection of materials and detail finishing. The company follows the principles of sustainable development, equipped with automatic machines to optimize production and improve workers’ lives. The company has become one of the most renowned companies in the production of “upholstered furniture” worldwide.