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The unique design characterizes modern living and embodies "feel-good moments at home" like hardly any other piece of furniture. The new dimension of sitting, lying and living. Edon, with innovative head, arm and foot part functions, takes relaxing to the next level. The head section can be adjusted using a ratchet fitting that allows for different positions. In addition, the motorized head section can be pushed up by up to 12 cm. The back can be infinitely adjusted to the desired position using the motorDifferent grid positions are possible when adjusting the arm parts upwards. By means of counter pressure, the armrests can be brought back down to the basic position seamlessly. Available in a range of seating options and a vast choice of colours.

One of Europe's largest and pioneering luxury furniture makers, Koinor showcases 60 years of German heritage and excellence. With award-winning designs and technology that focuses on comfort and beauty, Koinaor is paving the way for a new kind of luxury in sofas.