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The motion seating and the exquisite finish is a testament to German engineering and craftsmanship. In Experio, both seat units can be moved to the left or right independently of one another. The resulting space of approx. 28 cm each can be used as a shelf. In addition, the seat units can be rotated manually up to 320° to the left and right. offer freedom in terms of function control: the headrest adjustment, as well as the back and armrest adjustment and lateral movement, are controlled as standard by sensors attached to the side of the upholstery. The Experio model shown (plateau with oak veneer) is a functional element with 2 seats covered in fine leather. Available in a range of seating options and a vast choice of colours.

One of Europe's largest and pioneering luxury furniture makers, Koinor showcases 60 years of German heritage and excellence. With award-winning designs and technology that focuses on comfort and beauty, Koinaor is paving the way for a new kind of luxury in sofas.