Product Care

Made in Italy, Leather Master and Textile Master are the world's leading premium upholstery care products, formulated to keep your sofas and chairs in good condition for years to come. Protect and clean your furniture with special care solutions that are 100% water based, making them extraordinarily effective and yet gentle on the material.
These kits are used by some of the world's leading luxury brands, including Ducati, Burberry, and Range Rover.

Leather cleaner and protector
Eliminates stains from food, pen, ink, alcohol, sauce, cosmetics, polish, grime and other substances. Protects against dirt, oil and water.

Textile Care
Removes food and drink stains, fatty acids, perspiration, natural oils and more.

SOS Stain remover
Removes stains from food, fruit, drinks, ball point pens, blood, lipstick and much more.

Ink Away
Almost magical, it clears marks from pens, ink, lipstick and more.