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Vinay and Sindhu's Story

Courtyard Treehouse
Vinay T.R. and his wife Sindhu share the minimalist and contemporary vision they had for their space, and how Ashwin Architects and Simply Sofas helped bring their vision to life. From the initial design ideas to the selection of unique, customisable furniture pieces, their story highlights the impact of thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship.

Their home features an exquisite selection of furniture from Simply Sofas. MOLTENI&C Albert sofa, Hubert table, Diamond table, Barbican chairs, Ava bookshelf, Scriba desk, 4040 drawer unit, Hi-line 6 kitchen . FAMA Manacor blue sofa, Zipi & Zape footstools . CALLIGARIS Lazy high-back lounge chair, New York bar stools . STRESSLESS Reno recliner, Mint office chair . TONIN CASA Circle clock, Dreamy table lamp, Odissea lamp . ALF DAFRÈ Antis bookshelf, Day Collection . BECKER Home theatre seating . NATUZZI ITALIA Cala bed.

Arpitha and Badrinath's Story

Courtyard Treehouse
Arpitha and Badrinath are Simply Sofas customers who transformed their living space into a haven of comfort and luxury. From the initial search for the perfect furniture to embracing European design, innovation, and quality, their journey is a testament to our commitment to help create inspiring living spaces. Discover the features that captivated them, the nuances of their choices, and the seamless integration of style and functionality – all in their own words.

Shown here are two pieces they picked from our vast collection at our store in Mission road, Bangalore. Featuring Naples sofa by Becker and Hobang dining table.

The Linga Bhairavi Project

Linga Bhairavi

Left to right: Principal Architect Ashwin AP, layout of the house, our customers Praveen and Spurthi

Linga Bhairavi
This is the story of The Linga Bhairavi House, a residential project by Ashwin Architects. In it, and joining the conversation, is Principal Architect Ashwin A P, who offers insights into the unique brief, the project intricacies that called for an innovative approach to design, and the remarkable synergy with the dynamic homeowner duo, Praveen and Spurthi.


The Linga Bhairavi project features:

Chamonix sofa from NicolettiHome
Lagos 2+1 sofa from Becker
Tokyo dining table and Aida chairs from Calligaris
Bedroom 1 - Artemide bed, drawer unit, wardrobe from Alf Italia
Bedroom 2 - Skip bed from Alf DaFrè, wardrobes and storage wall units from Alf Italia
Bedroom 3 - Bed from Becker, bedside table from Alf DaFrè, tall storage unit from Alf Italia, Gliss Master wardrobes by Molteni&C
Customised table and chair for study room from Alf DaFrè
Schuller Kitchen with Utility in Crystal White

The Courtyard Treehouse Project

Courtyard Treehouse

Left to right: Principal Architects and Founders R Ramraj and Pritvi Rao of PR Design Group, layout of the house, our customers Akshatha and Gautam Tholasi

Courtyard Treehouse
Here is the story of The Courtyard Tree House, a residential project by PR Design Group. In this video, Akshatha Tholasi shares her delightful Simply Sofas showroom experience and how her home has had a positive impact on her family's lifestyle. Joining the conversation, Principal Architects and Founders R Ramraj and Pritvi Rao of PR Design Group delve into the residential project, their unique approach, and the collaborative experience of working with the client duo, Akshatha and Gautam.


The Courtyard Tree House project features:

Gliss Master wardrobes by Molteni&C
Prime kitchen by Molteni&C
Winner 2 sofa by NicolettiHome
Blade dining table by Tonin Casa
Zape chairs by Fama
Josephine sofa by Fama
3666 Home Theatre seating by Becker
Area 51 outdoor chairs by Calligaris
Quatro table By Ezpeleta
Beds from Becker